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Heidi's Way

Heidi's Way

Sue and Al Cullere would have never imagined that their daughters 37th birthday would be celebrated by raising money in her memory. However after losing Heidi the year prior, they could think of no better way to honor a woman that always dreamed of traveling and loved to help people.   If you ask Sue to tell you about Heidi she’ll share with you how much Heidi loved being a “girl’s girl” by wearing makeup and having her own sense of style, yet she also chose to work with heavy machinery as a profession.  Heidi loved people, loved to share Jesus with them, and always had a smile on her face and an encouraging word to offer.  Sue shared that Heidi loved Jesus even more at the end of her life than she did growing up in church and singing in the choir at school.


Sue and Al started “Heidi’s Way” on the 1 year anniversary of Heidi’s death, they have already raised enough money for their first well and are working on their second. This is their way to build a legacy for Heidi because she did not get to build her own. 


If you would like to contribute to the “Heidi’s Way” campaign and help the Cullere family build a legacy for Heidi please click the button below to visit their site.