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  • Human trafficking is the third most profitable criminal activity, following only drug and arms trafficking.
  • Each year, an estimated 600,000 to 800,000 men, women, and children are trafficked across international borders and the trade is growing

After her father lost his job, the family's only source of income, Janita was concerned that her family would be left homeless. At 16, she made a difficult decision to quit school and go to work. With a love of music, she went to work as a singer at a bar thinking that would be the extent of entertainment responsibilities. But soon the owner demanded she accept a sexual encounter with one of the clients to keep her job. With tears streaming down her face she told of the pain and shame of that first encounter. But there was no letting up from her employer. Too ashamed to tell her parents what was happening at her job, and as the only bread winner, she was forced to continue as a prostitute. "For two years, I have been forced to do things that make me feel like I'm dying. It's like I'm living in hell," Janita said. "But it's the only way for my family to survive," she said.

The world has become more aware of the evils of human trafficking and LIFE Outreach has become fully engaged in a frontline ministry response, Mission: RESCUELIFE.

This newest mission of LIFE is helping to reach, rescue and help restore children in three of the largest global human trafficking markets, India, Cambodia and Thailand. The mission is active in a total of more than ten nations where young girls and boys are being targeted for human trafficking.

First, we can reach the children living in the villages where human traffickers target young girls, and where we can provide much-needed food and relief. Families who have provision don't have to look for a way to make more money by sending children off to "jobs" in the city. Your gift of $128 will help rescue a child from the horror of human slavery. Will you join others who are Modern-Day abolitionist to abolish sexual slavery?

Second, we can rescue these children from living and working the streets. We can encourage them and in many cases offer them a new home, a new family and an opportunity to be free from the lifestyle.

Third, we will help restore their hearts, minds and bodies to the beauty God meant for them to enjoy. We will share and teach the grace of God through ministry materials and counseling that will help heal the shame they are living with.

The horror of human trafficking is a reality in the world today, but love sent through workers in the field by friends who care CAN make a difference…and ARE making a difference already through Mission: RESCUE LIFE.

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