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Mission: Feeding

Mission: Feeding


  • Malnutrition in children causes mental retardation and stunted growth.
  • A child dies approximately every 6 seconds from malnutrition.
  • 30,500 children under 5 die daily from diseases resulting from hunger.
  • Africa is the only continent to have grown poorer in the past 25 years.

When our team first met 1-year old Adriano at the malnutrition clinic in Angola, his situation was extremely serious. Joanna, his mother, had nowhere else to turn and clung to the hope that our Mission Feeding soup would help her baby boy in time. Once Adriano got to the clinic, the nutrition he received began to make a difference almost immediately. Today he is one more life saved because of Mission Feeding. One gift of life can touch a child like Adriano … and every gift is important to someone in need. Today, Adriano's mother can smile because her little boy is full of life. Thanks to Mission Feeding and the nutrition supplied by the soup mix, Adriano can continue to grow strong. Sadly, 8,000 children die every day due to malnutrition.

Mission Feeding, with more than 20 years of experience in Africa, has established itself as one of the most efficient feeding outreaches in the world today. After seeing the great need among thousands of hungry children it began with a single decision to "do what's right." There were no plans for a big program, no talk about what should be done; there was simply a concern to do something because as James has said many times, "I could not turn my back on those in need. I could not leave life as I saw it."

Today, Mission Feeding is currently feeding over a half-million children and will continue to do so until hunger is abolished across southern Africa. Even though we are helping feed more than 500,000 children in Mission Feeding, it is not that number we recognize as most important. Rather, it is the number of children our friends choose to help feed - 3,5 10 or 100, when they give. Their decision to get involved and "do what's right" to help feed the hungry is what is most important and the essence of Mission Feeding.

We are not called to talk about love, but, ultimately, we are called to "do what's right" - and that is to show our love with our actions. Mission Feeding saves lives, Mission Feeding gives hope…Mission Feeding is "doing what's right"!

When you support Mission Feeding, a $30 gift helps feed 3 children for three months.

As long as the need exists, LIFE will strive to reach as many people as possible. The support of our friends and viewers greatly determines how much help we can provide.

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