Ambassadors for LIFE

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What am I committing to when I sign up?

Signing up does not commit you to anything, but it does give you access to great tools like brochures, DVDs, and more. You are not committed to raise any particular amount of money, the goal you set is just that – a goal! You can view more of these tools at our Tools Website!

What will I receive when I sign up?

You have the option to receive some basic materials in the mail. This packet will include a DVD, brochures, and other information as available for your fundraiser. There is no financial commitment made when signing up.

Where can I get promotional items?

You can find several downloadable items on our Tools Website. After you sign-up, you will receive an information packet with a DVD, brochures and other promotional items. If you need additional materials, please contact us directly

Can I use social media to share my Ambassador Fundraiser?

Social media can be a great tool to help share the message of LIFE and to direct people to your personal fundraising campaign website. We do ask however that your use of social media be limited to your already established personal profiles. It you wish to establish a social media page or have a personal website solely for your fundraiser, please contact us to discuss prior to setting it up. 

Who is LIFE Outreach International?

LIFE Outreach International is committed to touching the world with the life-changing love of Jesus. Through a variety of dynamic ministries, we focus all our efforts on meeting the needs of many hurting people. We reach out our hands to those who have great physical needs. We extend hearts of compassion to those who are hurting spiritually. Lives around the world are being transformed through these worldwide ministries, and it's made possible through your gracious gifts!

I want to raise money through my business, can I be an Ambassador?

We have several businesses partnered with LIFE as Ambassadors, but the legal rules are tricky, so please contact us for more detailed information or with any questions. LIFE Outreach is a non-profit organization, and all business proposals will be carefully examined in light of how they may affect our non-profit status.  At no time can our name or any of our project names or logos be used in any way that they produce a profit for someone else.