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Never too young to save a life

Never too young to save a life

Never too young to make a difference, 14 year old Jenna from Tasmania, Australia has taken that truth seriously for more than 3 years.   When Jenna first saw a letter from RescueLIFE with a plea to help rescue children, she says she instantly knew she needed to do something.  Jenna talked with her mum and prayed, but the big idea came when attending a card making party at a friend’s home.  Jenna now makes cards to sell individually for $3 ea or bundled 4/$10, and with the love and support of her family and friends she has been able to free 84 people from slavery.  Jenna also supports other ministries and outreaches with her funds including Water for LIFE, Mission FEEDING, Survive Under 5 and the India Food Factory.  Jenna’s giving to date is over $18,000, and she met her goal last year of freeing her 100th child from slavery.  Just sharing emails with Jenna, we know she has a huge heart and a sweet spirit. Great things are ahead for Jenna. In her own words she says “think that what I am doing now is training me for what I have always felt a calling to do - be a missionary in Africa.” 

UPDATE! Jenna is still making and selling her cards in addition to picking up a part-time job to pay for her future mission trips to Africa (when she's old enough).  She has raised enough money to free over 140 people from slavery through Rescue LIFE! Her younger brothers and sisters have now joined the fun and are raising money for Mission Feeding! What a blessing this family is to LIFE Outreach and the world we serve!