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Evan Frank

Evan Frank

Evan Frank was only 8 years old when he saw a Water for LIFE video of children his age drinking dirty water from a muddy water hole. “I actually cried,” Evan said, remembering the moving video played in his Sunday school class at Harvest Life Ministries in Maryland. “I decided then that I had to help.”

Now, four years later – Evan’s compassion for the children who face death and sickness from drinking dirty and contaminated water, inspires his continued fundraising efforts as an Ambassador for LIFE. The 12 year old has helped raise over $16,000 for the Water for LIFE program to date. In his most recent fundraiser, he joined efforts with Steve Warner and The Rolling Coyotes to sponsor a benefit “Songs for Life” concert. Steve wrote a song about Evan’s heart to save children’s lives, titled “One Well at a Time.”

Evan’s mother Misty commented on her son, “I guess I’m the typical mom, and I’m so thrilled about the way God is using Evan. He really is a wonderful young man and has a heart for continuing to do this work.”

Among Evan’s other fundraising ideas:

  • Walking door-to-door with a simple message that begins with “I can tell you how you can save many lives.”
  • Baking brownies and praying that whoever eats them would be blessed and be a blessing.
  • Helping organize church dinners to benefit Water for LIFE.

When Evan sent in the first fundraising check, he prayed that many people would drink from the well and that many lives would be saved. With the average cost of a well around $4800 and capable of serving 1000 people, Evan has helped provide clean water for thousands of people. And that’s still his prayer today!