Ambassadors for LIFE

Fundraiser Questions

Fundraiser Questions

What can I do to fundraise?

If you haven’t already looked at the ideas on our Ambassadors for LIFE website, check it out here. We ask that you follow a few simple rules when fundraising.

  1. Be creative. Often the most unique fundraisers work the best, capture people’s attention as well as their hearts.
  2. The extent of all fundraising efforts must fall within the scope of the beliefs and standards of LIFE Outreach International.
  3. All fundraising must solely benefit LIFE Outreach International. As a non-profit organization we have to be very careful when tying our name to products and services offered by others. If you have any questions please contact us. 

Can we make t-shirts and signs to advertise our fundraiser?

We encourage you to advertise and draw attention to your fundraiser. There are images that can be downloaded here to print off and use.  We would be happy to provide you with a logo to use for advertisement of your fundraiser/event. You are welcome to send us your proposed t-shirt design for approval featuring our name or logo if it will ONLY be worn to share the message of LIFE and will not be sold or available for purchase. Because LIFE Outreach is a non-profit organization, our name, project names or logos cannot be used in any way that will produce a profit.  If you have specific questions regarding your idea please contact us

Where can I get more promotional items?

You can find several downloadable items on our Tools Website. After you sign-up, you will receive an information packet with a DVD, brochures and other promotional items. If you need additional materials, please contact us directly

How do I show people that this is a legitimate fundraiser?

Once you have signed up as an Ambassador please  contact us  to discuss your fundraising plans. In the event that it is needed, we can prepare a letter for you explaining the parameters of the Ambassadors for LIFE program, our non-profit status and your participation as a fundraiser.