Ambassadors for LIFE

Donation Questions

Donation Questions

Should I collect donations and send them all at once?

We ask that each of our Ambassadors send any donations to LIFE in a timely manner. When you sign up, you will receive envelopes for this purpose. This allows us to issue timely receipts according to IRS guidelines. 

How much of the money I raise actually goes towards the mission?

As an Ambassador all of the donations made and received on your behalf are automatically designated to the mission outreach that you have chosen.  That means that 100% of the donations made specifically to your Ambassador campaign will go to the mission field. 

How do I send check donations to LIFE?

Included in your information packet, you will find envelopes coded for your fundraiser. These envelopes allow LIFE to record your donation as a fundraiser and send receipts to your supporters. If you are using a fundraising webpage, Log-in to your Participant Center and record mailed donations under the "My Progress" tab so your webpage total is current. Please be sure all checks are made to "LIFE."

How do I send cash donations to LIFE?

You may send collected cash donations using the envelopes included in your intro-pack. In order for your supporters to get a tax receipt, you should list their information on the Cash Donations List. Please send cash donations as a single check or money-order and be sure to record in on your fundraising page.

Can I find out where my money was used?

Because we partner with many other ministries that are on the ground, doing the work in the countries where it is most needed, it is not possible to provide you with specific names or locations of where the funds were applied.  We would be happy to share with you stories from recent mission trips and tell you about the areas where our partners are working. If you have additional questions regarding a specific mission outreach please contact us

How do I get a tax receipt?

Online donations made through your Ambassadors for LIFE fundraising website, or via check will automatically receive a tax receipt.  For any collected cash donations, please complete the Donation Tracking form found in the AFL Download Packet. We must receive the donor’s full name, address and donation amount in order for a receipt to be issued. Any donations received without that information will be considered “Anonymous” and no receipt can be issued. 

Can I handwrite a receipt for donations I've received?

No, this will not be possible. Tax receipts must be issued from a registered non-profit organization. Please submit all donations directly to LIFE for processing as outlined in our Donation Collection Policy.  

Where can I see reports concerning LIFE's financial statements?

LOI is registered with the ECFA who regularly audits our non-profit. 

Will LIFE send mail to the people that donate to my fundraiser?

We understand that there is a unique relationship with friends and family who support Ambassador fundraisers. When someone new to LIFE donates to your fundraiser, they will receive their tax receipt and one newsletter in the mail sharing LIFE’s message and vision.  If a second donation is made directly to LIFE, they will then be added to our regular mail stream unless they request otherwise.

Can I designate a village or country for my fundraiser?

To allow us to do the most with your funds, we ask that funds not be designated to a specific location. If you would like to know specifically what areas we will be working in this year, please contact us. Many Ambassadors "adopt" specific regions close to their hearts. 

When I mail you a check/cash, will my website automatically be updated?

Due to security measures that have been put in place, our internal accounting systems do not communicate to update public facing websites. All cash and check donations need to be manually entered on your Ambassadors for LIFE website in order for the donation/goal tracking to be current. You can do this by logging into your website and adding donations manually.   If you believe that donations have been made to the LIFE offices without your knowledge, please contact us for assistance with updating your website.